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Palmetto Innovative Education (PIE) is a game development company focused on innovating the professional education landscape. Our current focus includes healthcare initiatives and teamwork training. Our products provide much needed streamlined medical training to professionals in a fun learning environment. The real world practice and application of these training tools help students and professionals learn to work together while obtaining important content information.

We are a unique company that provides services that bring people together. This is particularly important in the medical field where many very different teams are required to work together all the time. However they don't often get opportunities to do this unless there's a dire situation or real world patient involvement. With our products and services, these professionals can build a strong foundation to connect and work together that lasts into their real-world interactions.

We have current products available for healthcare teams and are developing new tools for a wider variety of interprofessional groups everyday. Reach out to us and try our games - we can talk about the best solutions for you and your team!

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