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Sloppy Mountain Medical Center is a team-skills-challenge activity modeled after the popular "escape room" activities, except that it is played entirely on-line. The theme of this activity is grounded in interprofessional health care delivery and takes place in a simulated hospital setting.

Schools, academic institutions or other organizations can host this team-skill-building event at their own site with small or large groups of participants.

Large groups of participants can be broken-up into teams of 3 or 4 players that will engage in the challenge together. Teams can compete with each other to find out who can complete the challenge first.

The activity is designed to challenge teams with a set of engaging tasks that demand:
--Effective communication
--Leadership skills
--Collaborative problem-solving
--Strong cooperation

Hospital room in the game
* No prior medical knowledge or experience is needed to play.

* Teams must work together to discharge patients and clean up a very disorganized, messy and confusing medical center as quickly as possible.

* Each team has a total of 9 patients (in the 3-player game) or 12 (in the 4-player game) to discharge from the medical center as quickly as possible. Each player on a team has access to only one of the rooms in the medical center (3 patients per player).

* Each player is responsible for discharging his/her 3 patients. However, most of the information and resources needed to discharge patients from each room is contained in the other team members' rooms. This forces teams to work together, communicate clearly, collaborate effectively, and plan efficiently to discharge all of the patients quickly.

The learning Objectives of the Activity are as follows:

1) Players will identify challenges and solutions associated with communicating complicated information to each other in a clear and concise manner

2) Players will appreciate the challenge and importance of seeking information from all available sources, working as a team to solve problems, and carrying-out complex, multi-step tasks under the pressure of time constraints

3) Players will value listening and responding to the needs of other team members in order to solve problems collectively

4) Players will develop strategies to communicate their own needs to the team in a clear and assertive manner in service of overall team success

5) Players will appreciate the importance of monitoring team progress as well as providing task-relevant support and assistance to other team members

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